Plain English License

The following is our "plain english" license, designed so you get an idea of how you can use our footage without needing to know all that legal mumbo-jumbo. (For those who do speak mumbo-jumbo, the full legal license terms are available here).

All of our footage is licensed to you on a royalty-free basis, meaning you can download it and use it forever. Pretty simple. That being said, there are some things you need to know:

  • We retain the copyright - You are purchasing the right to use the footage. The copyright still belongs to us.
  • The license is not-transferrable - Just because you paid to use the footage doesn't mean you can send it to your friend so he can use the footage too.
  • The license is not exclusive - Our footage is available to everyone so you might not be the only person to use a piece of footage.
  • You must use the footage in an original work - This means you need to actually use the footage in a proper video. You can never, EVER resell the footage as stand-alone clips or as 'stock' clips, either via another website, e-mail, or even to your friends. You are not permitted to resell the footage, however you are permitted to resell your original work that contains the footage.
  • Our models are people too - Don't be evil, never use any of our stock footage in a way that would cause offense to a reasonable person. This includes use of the footage in pornography or any manipulation of the footage which would cause embarrassment to any models or actors depicted in the footage. You can not use any footage of models in a way that implies the model is endorsing your product/s.
  • YOU are responsible for ensuring footage is used correctly and does not violate the rights or intellectual property of any person or company, either in an editorial or commercial manner. Soho Stock Video is not responsible for your misuse of our footage.

We're all artists here so we all play fair and trust that you will too.

Lastly, and most importantly... we want to know how you used the footage! We are artists and like seeing what people create with footage we have created. E-mail us at info@sohostockvideo.com to let us know.



This is our plain english license which should help you understand how you can and can not use the footage you purchase from SoHo Stock Video. When purchasing our footage however you are bound by our Full Legal License, which you can read here.


Which License Should I Choose?

Choose the license which best describes you and what you intend to use the footage for. Is it going to be distributed professionally? Is it going to be sold? Are you a student using it for a student project?

We have two licenses:

The Commercial/Editorial License:

What you can do:

What you can NOT do:

The Student/Indie License:

What you can do:

What you can not do:

If you have more questions, contact us at info@sohostockvideo.com