Frequently Asked Questions

What format/codec are your videos in?

All of our videos are in 1920x1080 HD at a minimum, and are provided as Quicktime .mov files using the Photo JPEG codec. We find this codec to be the best balance between quality, accessibility and file size.

Can I download footage in a different codec?

No. Footage is provided in one codec only.

Can I download footage in a different size?

No. Footage is provided at its maximum resolution. Why wouldn't you want the biggest resolution possible? If you're looking to save money, our subscriptions are great value for money so there's no excuse for not wanting the biggest file possible.

What frame rate is your footage in?

Frame rates can vary from clip-to-clip and sometimes collections can have different frame rates amongst the clips they contain. All frame rates are marked next to each clip on our website, so you'll know in advance what frame rate the footage is in. Generally it will be either 23.976, 25, or 29.97.

Is your footage color-corrected?

In general, yes. However many of our videos are also available for purchase from us directly in uncorrected S-LOG3 format for purchase (not on the website). Contact us for more info.

My friend has a project coming up, can they use some of the footage I bought?

Are you working on the project in a significant capacity? If so, then yes. If not, then no. The license to use the footage is non-transferrable so you can't just give it to your friend.


Which License Should I Choose?

Choose the license which best describes you and what you intend to use the footage for. Is it going to be distributed professionally? Is it going to be sold? Are you a student using it for a student project?

We have two licenses:

The Commercial/Editorial License:

What you can do:

What you can NOT do:

The Student/Indie License:

What you can do:

What you can not do:

If you have more questions, contact us at info@sohostockvideo.com